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@Soben International offers specific building construction solutions for contracts big and small. Here is a list of just a few :  

Beijing Capital International Airport, Peoples Republic of China

FP®-900/FirePro® was used as ducting.

Beijing Capital Museum, Peoples Republic of China

Soben® MP-1000/MultiPro® and WeatherPro®-L have been used for wall linings and ceiling enclosures.

Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium, Peoples Republic of China

Soben is the proud supplier to ten purposely-built venues for Beijing 2008 Olympics Games. FirePro® was used as duct enclosures in Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium where the aluminium alloy exterior helps save energy.

Beijing Olympic Green Hockey Stadium, Peoples Republic of China

5,000m2 of DuraPanel was used as external wall cladding.

Beijing Shooting Range Hall, Peoples Republic of China

8,000 m2 of WeatherPro® external facade panels were used in the Beijing Shooting Range Hall project.

Beijing Wukesong Sports Center Baseball Field, Peoples Republic of China

20,000m2 of FirePro®, MultiPro® & WeatherPro®-L were used as drywall, ducting and screen wall.


CCTV Television Station and Headquarters, Peoples Republic of China

150,000m2 of WeatherPan® together with FirePro®, Soben® MP-1000/MultiPro® and WeatherPro®-L were used in this world-famous CCTV Television Station and Headquarters.

Changi Airport Terminal 3, Singapore

15,800m2 of Soben® MP-1000/MultiPro® for wall linings as well as 10,200m2 of WeatherPro®-L for roof sarking were used.

Choa Chu Kang MRT Station, Singapore

2,500m2 of NuClad®/NuPanel® had been used for ceiling enclosures to existing Choa Chu Kang MRT Station in Singapore.


Circle Line Stage 1, MTR V Museum Station, Singapore

3,400m2 of WeatherPro®-S were used as hanging baffles.

National Aquatics Center, Peoples Republic of China

FirePro® was used as ventilation ducts.

National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing, Peoples Republic of China

WeatherPro®-L was used as drywall in this stunning state-of-the-art project. The titanium roof and glass curtain wall form a multi-layered, color shifting elliptical shell. Changes in light and temperature produce unpredictable color effects.

National Convention Center V Fencing Hall, Beijing, Peoples Republic of China

30,000m2 of MultiPro® & FirePro® were used as partition, passive fire protection V ceiling, fire barriers as well as M&E enclosures.

National Indoor Stadium, Beijing, Peoples Republic of China

18,000m2 of WeatherPan®, FirePro® & MultiPro® were used as partition, roofing, external wall facade and ducting. Hidden generators make use of solar energy.

Sheraton Dameisha Resort, Shenzhen, Peoples Republic of China

375-roomed, the areas first five-star international hotel, opened in March, 2007. A total of 130,000m2 of Soben® MP-1000/MultiPro® and WeatherPro®-L boards were installed as partitions and ceilings.

Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park, Beijing, Peoples Republic of China

3,000m2 of MultiPro® was used as partition in this venue where water treatment facilities are available.



Changi Airport Terminal 3 - Day Room
Changi Airport Terminal 3 - Roof
MRT Station -Circle Line Stage 1-Museum station (C825)
MRT Station - A&A to existing Choa Chu Kang
National University of Singapore - A&A to School of Computing at existing Block AS6 Law Building
New erection of classroom block and A&A to existing Geylang Methodist Sec. School
Retrofitting works to JTC Standard Factory (Jurong Town Corporation) at Tuas.
Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium
Beijing Olympic Green Hockey Stadium
Beijing Shooting Range Hall
Beijing Wukesong Sports Center Baseball Field
National Aquatics Center (the Water Cube)
National Convention Center V Fencing Hall
National Indoor Stadium
Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park
Beijing Capital International Airport
Beijing Capital Museum
CCTV Television Station and Headquarters
GuangZhou Baiyun International Airport
Guangzhou Paozhou International Convention & Exhibition Centre
National Centre for the Performing Arts
Sheraton Dameisha Resort, Shenzhen
Hong Kong & Macau
Hong Kong Housing Authority - District Term Contract No 20060048 for Ha Kwai Chung, Tsuen Wan & Islands
A&A Work for Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre at Kowloon Bay
Czen V 5P320 Skyplaza, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong
Venetian Hotel Parcel 2, Cotai, Macau
RIO Hotel, Macau





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