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DuraPanel is a superior, weather resistant, pre-finished architectural cladding panel manufactured with state-of-the-art technology. It is a highly compressed laminated fibre cement reinforced calcium silicate board. The factory applied proprietary polyurethane coating system makes DuraPanel suitable for use in both internal and external applications. Regardless of the style of design, it offers a broad range of decorative finish (from Matt, Metallic, Semi-Gloss to Hammer Tone, Granite, Marble to Timber finishing, just to name a few) to meet unique architectural requirements for every project. DuraPanel is an aesthetic and cost effective choice for use in institutional, commercial and residential structures. It is suitable for all kinds of construction projects, be it a new development or refurbishment project, or for applications such as clean rooms and hospitals. DuraPanel is compatible with all common building materials, is non-caustic and does not promote corrosion and will not affect bituminous compounds. It is non-static and non-magnetic, thus will not interfere with expensive equipment.

DuraPanel is 100% free from asbestos or sepiolite or any inorganic fibres. It is resistant to abrasion, scratch, thermal, impact and fire attack. DuraPanel is durable and weather resistant and will not promote fungi or mould growth. In short, the panel is designed for hostile environments, such as areas close to the sea, highly polluted inner city / industrial areas, or areas under extremely heavy usage where DuraPanel is the only substance that will remain unaffected even by UV sunlight, mild acid rain or carbon dioxide diffusion. When used in internal applications, its acoustic properties reduce noise and gives better sound insulation than other decorative wall panels. DuraPanel can be used as a secondary wall lining for vehicular tunnel applications, thus preventing visible efflorescence or wall leakage marks.

DuraPanel is manufactured to ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system, and has obtained the Green Product Label Award issued by National Environment Protection Bureau.





DuraPanel is produced from a mixture of cement, silica sand, special cellulose fibres and synthetic cement silicate binder to impart durability, toughness and water resistance. It has undergone a high pressure pressing process together with an autoclaving process inside a curing chamber where superheat steam under high pressure is injected for curing, thus enhancing high strength and durability of board that is capable of heavy duty usage. The synthetic cement silicate binder provides exceptional dimensional stability and an unrivalled resistance to movement due to effects of moisture or heat. The exceptional proprietary coating system is specially custom made to DuraPanel. The coating is anti-graffiti and durable for long lasting service. Extensive testing in accordance with worldwide industrial standards has been conducted. No colour fading or discolouration will occur for up to 10 years. Its outstanding performance and serviceability in adverse climate have been recognized on prestige projects in the world. DuraPanel has very low thermal expansion and heavy impact resistance. Its smooth surface can be cleaned easily thus maintaining a high standard or hygiene and cleanliness and low cost of maintenance. It is an alternative to traditional aluminum and VE panels. The panel will not degrade with time and within normal applications, the life of the product is limited only by the durability of the supporting structure and materials used in fastening.




DuraPanel comes in a wide range of colours and finishing either in semi-gloss, matt, metallic, timber and hammer tone finishes. Granite and marble finishing are also available for feature walls to produce a book match effect. The range of colours available is almost unlimited for designing of individually colourful facades.






Thickness 6 / 9 / 12mm
Width 1220 / 1220mm
Length 2400 / 2440mm

Other project-based, customized sizes are also available and can be produced to special order



Manufacturing  Tolerances 


Type Length(mm) Width(mm)
Untrimmed +/- 5.0 +/- 5.0
Trimmed +/- 2.5 +/- 2.5

Type Thickness(%) Squareness(mm/m)
Untrimmed +/- 10.0 +/- 2.5
Trimmed +/- 10.0 +/- 1.5

Note: DuraPanels are manufactured in two grades, trimmed (standard sizes) and untrimmed (non-standard size). Untrimmed panels are not necessarily square, and thus cutting at site is normally required. They are usually applicable where the panels are likely to be re-cut into small or shaped pieces. Trimmed panels are factory cut to ensure squareness of panels and straightness of edges and are usually applicable to areas where customer’s size panels are to be installed.



Typical Fixing  Methods 




Cutting Methods 


DuraPanel can be cut by power sawing tools with tungsten carbide or diamond tipped blade. The surface coating should be protected during machine cutting, by means of a suitable smooth base such as MDF or hardboard. For high efficiency and large quantities, the following industrial machine cutting can be applied.

  • Guillotine
  • Laser cutting
  • Water-jet cutting




Density (oven-dry) 1420/1550 kg/m3+/-6%
Flexural Strength (along grain) 14.0/17.5 MPa
Flexural Strength (across grain) 17.5/21.0 MPa
Flexural Modulus 11000/15000 N/mm2
Moisture Movement (ambient to saturated) 0.6-1.0 mm/m
Moisture Content 6-7%
Resistance to continuous heating 80C
Coefficient of thermal Conductivity 0.23/0.28 W/m.K
Coefficient of thermal expansion (-20~+80C) 0.8-1.0x10.5 m/m. K
Freezing and Thawing Test (-25C to + 25C) No alternation
Non combustibility BS 476: Part 4
BS EN ISO 1182: 2002
Heat of combustion BS EN ISO 1716: 2002
Building regulations classification Euro Class A1
Acoustic Reduction Average 25dB (estimated)
Note: The density of board was measured at oven-dried condition. The density is increased approximately 6% when it was measured under EMC (temperature at 23 degree C & relative humidity at 50%)



Test on coatings 


Chemical Resistance ASTM D1308-02el
UV accelerated weathering ISO 11507: 1997
Carbon dioxide diffusion ISO 7783-2: 1999
Washability SS5: Part 5: 2003
Dirt pick-up SS 500:2002
Water vapour transmission ISO 7783-2: 1999
Taber abrasion resistance ISO 87784: Part 2: 1997
Adhesion bond strength ASTM D4541: 02
Scratch resistance ISO15184.
ASTM 3363 - 92a.
SS5: Part F2: 1998

Note: For details of paint performance, please contact your nearest Soben International Sales Office.


Specific  Properties 

Weatherproof and frost resistance Rot proof, anti-bacterial, resistance to insects or mould growth
Good abrasionand impact resistance UV resistance
Corrosion resistance A wide spectrum of color and finishing
Anti-Graffiti Maintenance friendly
Non-combustible to BS476 and BS EN ISO 1182 Easy to use
Lightweight but strong Acoustic insulation
Good Chemical resistance & Carbon dioxide diffusion resistance Exceptional dimensional stability




DuraPanel is applied not only for external facades and cladding systems, but it can also be used in broad range of other applications. The typical applications include:

  • Tunnel and other underground linings
  • Internal decorative wall claddings
  • Ventilated rain screen claddings
  • Sunscreens
  • Innovative roofing panels
  • Movable office/exhibition partitions
  • Industrial and biological clean rooms
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Bathrooms and shower partitions
  • Kitchens and Laundries
  • Composite panels
  • Sanitary cubicles
  • Shop fronts and retail point-of-signage
  • Doors
  • Facings for Furniture


Health & Safety 

DuraPanel is formulated without asbestos or sepiolite or any inorganic fibres. When using power saws or sanders in a confined space, dust extraction equipment is recommended to control dust levels. DuraPanel is designed for non-load bearing construction. Horizontal or ceiling panels must not be walked on as they are not designed to take additional load between supports; if there is a risk of this occurring, warning notices should be displayed. Fixers must ensure that they work from adequate and safe platforms where necessary.


Note: All physical performance values of products depicted in this catalogue are averages based on the standard production. The figures may be changed dependent on the test method used.

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