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Soben International Green Building Board Products

Being the leading enterprise of calcium silicate / fibre cement building board, all Soben International Boards are 100% free from asbestos, sepiolite, inorganic fibre or formaldehyde. All Soben Boards are in compliance with the ASTM D5116-06 - Determinations of Organic Emission. A wide range of high performance , green building boards for fire rating* functions and versatile architectural applications are made in compliance with international standards, having been tested by worldwide accredited laboratories. They are manufactured in a closed re-circulated system and most waste materials can be re-used. All Soben products are manufactured to ISO 9001 & 14001 and being awarded Environmental Product label by the National Environmental Protection Bureau. At Soben, our goal is to manufacture quality green products that are second to none in the global marketplace. Our product lines are both eco- and environmentally-friendly.

Sustainability is a jargon gaining a lot of attention in modern building circles. The concept of sustainable building incorporates and integrates a variety of strategies during the design, construction and implementation of building projects. The use of green building board products represents one important strategy in the design of a building. The green design, in turn, has become synonymous with energy efficiency. The ideal green building board product would have no negative environmental impacts over the life of the product, and it might even have positive environmental impacts. Such a product would be reusable or recyclable. As a responsible manufacturer, Soben International continuously strives for better building products. We encourage others in the supply chain to join us in pursuit of a sustainable world.

To find out more on Soben International board quality, please click onto the followings:
Association for Specialist Fire Protection
American Society of Test and Measurement
British Standard
CE Marking
Certificate of China Environmental Labelling Products Certification
Hong Kong Green Label Scheme - HK 02084 & 5
Singapore Green Label Identification Number 041-019
Certificate of Conformity of Quality Management System Certification  ISO 9001:2000
Environmental Management System Certification ISO 14001:2004

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Fire tests on building materials and structures

The Building Codes on fire performance standard for most countries are referred to as the British Standards (BS 476: Part 20 to 24). As the New European Standard being adopted in the continental and UK, it will gradually substitute BS 476 and the current equivalence are listed below:

BS 476: Part 20: 1987 (BS EN 1363-1: 1999)
Method for determination of the fire resistance of elements of construction (general principles)

BS 476: Part 21: 1987 (BS EN 1365-1 to 6: 1999 - 2004)
Methods for determination of the fire resistance of load-bearing elements of construction

BS 476: Part 22: 1987 (BS EN 1364-1 & 2: 1999)
Methods for determination of the fire resistance of non-load-bearing elements of construction

BS 476: Part 23: 1987 (BS EN 1634-1:2000)
Methods for determination of the contribution of components to the fire resistance of a structure

BS 476: Part 24: 1987 (BS EN 1366-1: 1999)
Method for determination of the fire resistance of ventilation ducts

BS 7346: Part 3: 1990 (BS EN 12101-1 2005)
Specifications for smoke curtains

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